How it works



I. Consultancy of design, space planning and creating the business model of investment:

How best to design your medical facility?
- Selection of the most appropriate location of the investment on the basis of existing or potential premises, including the possibility of future development, access parameters, traffic and parking solutions;
- Developing a business model with the selection of customers, value proposition, USP, UVP, matching the functional design of premises and interiors to the business model;
- The division into zones and subzones: preparation of the project of construction - architecture, detailed design, preparation of agreements and documentation in accordance to legal requirements;
- Creating the concept of architectural design, interior design, layout of functions or land;
- Projects of technical systems: air conditioners, ventilation, water system, electricity, selection of appropriate building materials, systems, connections, of specialized medical devices, etc;
- Interior design, consistent with the corporate identity that emphasize individual image.


II. Equipment Consultancy:

What kind of medical equipment to choose?
- Selection of an appropriate offer of medical equipment, the comparison of key offers, price negotiations and help with purchase on the basis of your budget, and alternative funding options;
- Control over the installation of equipment;
- Technological projects of technical rooms;
- Evaluation of ergonomic conditions.


equipment consultacy


III. Advice on the computerization of the object:

What multimedia and software?
- Consulting for the design of multimedia;
- Assistance in the selection and purchase of computer equipment and supervision of the installation;
- Selection of the best offer of software solutions used to service your patients.


IV. Advising on reciprocal agreements and legal obligations:

The law, permits and receipts.
- Assistance in preparation of required contracts, labor contracts (HR administration), agreements on mutual assistance (e.g. cleaning services, etc.);
- Full support of Health and Safety in the field:
    - Initial and periodic training of medical staff, administrative staff
    - Preparation of accident documentation, occupational risk assessment
    - Conducting periodic analyzes of the state of occupational health and safety, etc.
- Arrangements with the Department of Sanitation in order to carry out the medical facility;
- Assessment and permits associated with the use of specialized equipment (eg. X-ray equipment, MRI, etc.);
- Consulting in the field of management of the unit: operating management.


V. Supervision over the course of construction:

Help at every stage of formation of your office.
- Constant supervision over the construction and finishing work;
- Consultation and advisory service during installation work;
- Supervision and coordination of the work of the service.


VI. Management consulting, including:

Team cooperation.
- Preparing the detailed structure of management including planning, organizing, implementation and control;
- Defining needs of staff, creation of employment structure and business dependence, defining competence and the ability to delegate authority and responsibility;
- Developing regulations of workplaces, job descriptions and payroll system;
- Recruitment to various work places, defining the profile of a suitable candidate; preparation of job advertisements;
- Organizing and conducting employee training before the opening: team building, customer service and analysis of needs, difficult situations at work with the client.


VII. Management consulting of clients:

How to care for your patient?
- Preparation of procedures for customer service;
- Preparation of procedures of consumer complaints;
- Preparation of constant monitoring procedures of customer activity, developing a system of consumer satisfaction surveys.


VIII. Marketing and PR activities consulting:

Advertising and creating a consistent image.
- Preparing a consistent marketing campaign based on the cooperation with advertising agencies;
- Consulting in the selection of promotional campaigns before the opening and during the activity;
- Media consulting (optional);
- Proven ways to say about you.


IX. Consulting of obtaining grant funds from the European Union:

We advise and evaluate the possibility of obtaining funds to develop your practice.
- Setting strategies and effective raising of capital for investments, including grants for the development of your medical facility;
- Preparation of the business plan.