We specialize in the design of the medical surfaces from single to multifunctional clinics of various treatment specialties (dental, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, etc.) and ambulatory.
We are particularly keen to get away from creating the traditional "hospital" atmosphere, so that create comfortable, functional and friendly to patients space.
We remember about combining innovation, design and continuously and dynamically developing medical technology to design the best working conditions for physicians and staff.
Medical space planning is a collection of countless details, including the governing rules which sufficiently covered lead to its good and productive functioning. Therefore, in addition to issues strictly related to the design, we support you and provide advice on:

- The applicable legal provisions related to the establishment of medical units
- technology of technical rooms
- Installation systems
- Operating safety
- Consulting and business training
- The creation of corporate identity and image creation
- Obtaining grant funds for the creation and development of medical institutions
- We take care of supervision of the project in all its stages
We are a team involved in our work, which is based on passion, knowledge and experience transfer into satisfaction of our clients and their patients.


mediprojeCt Team

Katarzyna Cichocka
Master of Science Architect

The owner and founder of mediprojeCt, project coordinator, consultant, expert in the field of architectural design and technology, interior design.

Katarzyna Domel
Master of Science Architect

An expert in the field of architectural design, coordinator of construction assumptions and technological solutions.

Małgorzata Kwiecień
Health and Safety Specialist

An expert in the field of initial and continuous training, is responsible for the preparation of accident documentation, occupational risk assessment, interim analysis of safety and full service sphere related to health and safety.

Dr. Katarzyna Wysocka
Specialist. Business

A trainer and coach, psychologist, business consultant, co-founder of the coaches and trainers School Creative Professional Fitness & Creative Professional Strength, owner and founder of the Fitness Consulting and the Academy of Managerial Competencies

Julia Krzaklewska - Piechel
Image Specialist

An expert in the business of photography, visual identity, creating the image, the owner and founder of photo studio Migafka